Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kid's Say the Darndest Things

I teach two-year-old's at a school called Oak Brook. Yes, it is actually considered a school. I know, I know..... it doesn't seem like two-year-old's are quite ready for pre-school, but they actually learn a lot and I am always surprised at the growth I see in them within just a few months. This job is not easy, in fact it is exhausting. I have just spent the past week preparing for a new class of two-year-old's.....17 of them! I don't know what I'm going to do, besides loose my mind. The only thing that really keeps me happy and sane is to hear some of their comments. A few of which I probably shouldn't share. A couple of days ago one of my little girls said to me with her sweet little voice, "You got spots on your face." I smiled and said, "I do! What are those spots called?". She said, "They come when you get old". Hmmmmm. It's also fun to hear their little southern accents. One little girl calls toilet paper "toolet paper" haha. Occasionally I will hear them repeat things that I have said, such as, "We don't run in the classroom" or "We use our loud voices outside." I was a little bothered the other day though, when I asked a little boy where he was supposed to be sitting and he automatically said, "Outside!" I pointed to his chair and told him to sit in it. After everyone was seated I asked "Where do we need to put our hands?" (I always have them put their hands infront of them before I pass out paper for art), the same little boy shouted "Outside!". Huh? Somewhere along the way, this little boy got the impression that the answer to every question is "OUTSIDE".
Most of my kids are moving on to the next classroom and I am getting at least 13 new children in my class in addition to the four that will be staying. It's going to be intersting and I won't deny I'm a little nervous. But, as long as they keep their innocent little comments coming, I'll survive.