Monday, August 22, 2011

20 Months

Look at that cute little girl! She is growing up so fast! She LOVES shoes as you can see in this picture. Her favorites are her "sparkles" jelly shoes. She has been talking up a storm and can pretty much repeat anything you say. Some of my favorite things that she has been saying lately are "Oh man!" when she drops something and "all beyure" (all better) after she gets a kiss on an owie. She has already started the terrible two tantrums. I often tell her it's not nice to scream, so now she will scream and say "I screamin" and then she will get a really serious look on her face and shake her head and say "no no". She also loves making messes so she can clean them up. She proudly announces "mase a mess!" and then grabs a wash cloth out of her special drawer and cleans it up. She loves to help me with cooking or cleaning and I think it's great! I hope it lasts!
She has recently developed a love for her sunglasses and wants to wear them all of the time! Pretty cute!