Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 Months

We have had a busy month and the time has just flown by! We just got back from a week long visit to Georgia last week. Matt's sister Crystal was married and we were able to be there for the reception, but unfortunately not the wedding. She was married the week before and Matt wasn't out for Spring break yet. Anyway, Crystal and her husband Alex had a fun Luau reception and of course I didn't take any pictures! I am terrible about that! There was great food and decorations and I didn't get pictures of any of it. I'm so mad at myself! She had a fun "candy bar" with lot's of different kinds of candy in a variety of pretty glass containers. Addy looooved that! I spent most of my time trying to distract her from it. She kept walking up to it and saying "pwe?" (please)in her sweet little voice. It was hard not to give in. Her little cousin Brennan, who is just two months older than her was there and he was so excited to see her that he ran up to her and gave her such a big hug they both fell right over. He is such a sweet little boy. I don't think I have ever seen a child his age be so attentive and considerate! Here is just a cute little example of what I mean. He has this stuffed animal named Scout that he takes everywhere. He LOVES scout. Anyway, he saw Addy admiring his little Scout, so he picked him up and handed him to Addy, and then turned and walked away crying. It was quite a sacrifice for him to let her play with his toy for a minute, but he was willing to do it. I just wish we had gotten it on camera! Though he was constantly trying to share with Addy, she didn't quite know what to do. She's not really used to kids her age bringing her things and sharing with her, so she would just look at him kind of confused. She's actually pretty good at sharing most of the time as well. I hope it lasts. We took Addy to the park a few times while we were there and she loved the slides. I actually remembered to bring my camera to the park, so I got a few really cute pictures. Though the visit to Georgia was wonderful, getting there and back was horrible! Matt absolutely hates to fly. More than anyone I have ever known. While we were waiting to get on the plane, he seriously considered driving to Georgia instead of flying. This happened both ways. It takes about 34 hours to drive from Utah to Georgia! Fortunately, he faced his fears and got on the plane. On the way to Georgia, we had to fly from Salt Lake to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Atlanta. On the flight to Phoenix I sat between Matt and a sort of heavy set woman who seemed to be a little nervous or something. Addy was being very squirmy of course and a little fussy, but I was doing my best to keep her happy and calm. Just as I had accomplished this, the woman next to me asked the flight attendant for a coke. She had taken maybe two sips from it when somehow she knocked her entire cup of coke right into my lap. I was wearing light gray pants, so I kind of looked like I peed my pants for the rest of the day. The poor woman was so embarrassed! They really shouldn't put those seats so close together! So I was cold and very wet, but I was dealing with it. About 20 minutes before we were about to land, I felt Addy's diaper leak all over my leg. I had given her so much water and juice to keep her quiet that her diaper leaked! This was only the first hour of our travels! I still had 3 hours to go! On our flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, Addy cried for about 30 minutes and then fell asleep sucking on a lolly pop. I will admit it, she had quite a bit of sugar. Desperate times call for desperate measures. On the way back from Georgia, Addy would have nothing to do with any of the toys or snacks that I packed. She screamed her little lungs out for at least an hour. I felt sorry for the people on the plane, I felt sorry for her, but mostly, I felt sorry for myself. It was terrible! It was so bad I told Matt I would drive the 30 something hours next time! It was so bad that during our layover, a woman from our flight offered to buy me a margarita for the next flight. I also heard several other people comment on how Addy had behaved on the plane. I will never fly with a 15 month old again!
So here is a little update on what Addy has been doing this month.
* She can now say please, thank you, dog, eyes, teeth, water, light, baby, Jesus and her favorite "where is it". She puts her little hands out when she says it and looks at me inquisitively. It's so cute!
* She has learned to kick a ball, but is still working on throwing
* She still loves to dance
* She thinks the snow is lot's of fun and she loves her little hat. She likes to put it on and wear it around the house.