Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 1

My sister in law has been posting a weeks worth of pictures on her blog. I thought it was such a great idea that I decided to do it  as well.  I have always been terrible about remembering to take pictures and I figured this would be a good way to get me in the habit.  So here are last weeks pictures.
Matt got me a few of my favorite things for mothers day.  Flowers, chocolate, oreos and pb, and a few charms for my bracelet (little girl, boy, and blue bead).  He is always so thoughtful!

Addy has been exploring the color blue.  This is one of her many blue paintings.  We also made blue fruit snacks. 
Addy LOVES to watch "the princess movie" (Cinderella).  She chose to watch it in a box on this day.
Brayden started to do the army crawl last week, but I didn't know how to get a picture of that, so I'm just noting that here so I can refer to the date later:)  He loves to sit in this position for some reason.  The first time he did it I thought he was stuck, but he just sat right back up when he saw me coming towards him. Silly boy!
These are just some shorts I made for Addy.  I got the idea from pinterest. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 months

Our cute little Brayden is 5 months old!  This month he learned to :
* Put his binky in his mouth all by himself.  He loves that binky!
* Sit up unassisted
* Fall asleep without my help.

His personality is really starting to develop.  He can be pretty serious when he first meets a person, but he is a very happy, giggly little boy.  He thinks Addy is particularly funny.  He is extremely ticklish, but gets a little upset if you tickle him for too long.  He loves things that are soft.  The other day I let him feel a soft piece of fabric that I was planning to use to make a little "softie" as Addy likes to call it.  When I took it away, he had a fit! He is a little talker like Addy.  I will often hear him babbling to himself in his crib....even in the middle of the night.  He still wakes up at least two times during the night.  I'm hoping that will end soon! :)


 Addy had fun searching for Easter eggs with her friends a few days before Easter.  She doesn't have any cousins living in Utah, so we are grateful she has friends that she can do these things with.

  We colored eggs together on friday.  She is still a little young to have patience for coloring eggs so we also used the egg dye for an actvity I found on Pinterest.  You just put baking soda in a dish and then use a little medicine dropper to drop colored vinegar into the baking soda.  She had so much fun with it!  She stayed entertained for at least 30 minutes....maybe longer.  We have even done it a few times since then.  She loves to see the colores fizz.

We decided to do all of the Easter bunny activities on Saturday so we could keep Sunday a day that we focus on Jesus.  We had our own little easter egg hunt in our back yard.  Addy had fun looking for the eggs she colored, but it will be nice when Brayden is old enough to join her.  It would probably be more fun.  While she was looking for eggs, the Easter bunny left her a surprize in her bedroom.  We were so excited to see her reaction when she walked in her room to see a huge teddy bear.  I think it's like 4 feet tall.  She loves stuffed animals, especially teddy bears.  The bear was sitting in the corner holding her little easter basket, we had the video camera ready, she walks into the room and heads straight for the candy!  She didn't even acknowledge that there was a giant bear holding her candy!  We were so disappointed!  Once we put the candy away, she was pretty excited about the bear.
 A few hours later after we had been out of the house for a while Addy said, "Ty's bear at the house?"  Her friend Ty has a bear exactly like hers, so I think she didn't realize that she was going to be able to keep the bear and that it was hers:).  Now her bear has to be included in story time and prayers (she always wants the bear to fold it's arms).
I found a little tradition on pinterest to help keep Easter Christ centered. It's a little treat called resurection rolls.  You take a marshmallow which represents Christs body, and dip it in butter (oils) and then in cinamon and sugar (spices) and then wrap buiscut dough (linen used for covering the dead) around the marshmallow.  When you bake it, the marshmallow "disappears", leaving a hollow roll which represents Christ being resurected. Addy is still a little young to understand, but I did it anyway just for fun.