Friday, March 23, 2012

Four Months

This is a super late post. Brayden is nearly five months old, and I am just getting around to his four month post. I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago and he weighs 17 lbs now. He's in the 80th percentile for weight. He is 27 inches long, and in the 75 percentile for height. He's still a chunk and people are constantly commenting on it. I have no explanation for them. This little boy goes on a nursing strike on a regular basis. I'm talking two to three times a week! It has been so frustrating and discouraging. I have no idea why he is so chubby, but he sure is cuddly and sweet. Here is a list of things Brayden has learned this month:
* He still LOVES to suck on his hands and he throws a fit if you pull them out of his mouth.
* He can grab his binky and bring it to his mouth (it's usually the wrong way around though)
* He just learned to roll both ways
* He has figured out how to pivot around on the floor.
* He loves Addy so much and giggles any time she gives him attention. I will post a clip of her playing patty cake with him when I find my video camera.
* He can sit up for a few seconds unassisted. He is always trying to sit forward in his car seat and his swing.
* He loves to look at himself in the mirror and gives his little "friend" lots of bashful little smiles.
* He has learned to squeal loudly when he needs some attention. He always looks a little alarmed at the loud sounds he can make. It's almost as if he is wondering where it came from :)

Addy Update

Our little Addy seams to be less and less "little" every day. She has especially changed quite a bit since she turned two. Here is the most recent Addy list:
* She still loves her babies and loves to take care of them. She observes me pretty closely and does her best to mimic me. She even "feeds" her baby when it cries....through her belly button :)
*She has recently developed an obsession for the Disney movies Lady and the Tramp and Bambie. She asks to watch them pretty much all day long.
* She just learned to do somersaults and she is very proud of herself
* She thinks every color is the color orange, so I'm assuming this is her favorite color?
* She loves to have pretty toenails and even thanked Heavenly Father for them in her prayers the other night.
* She knows how to change her baby's diaper and tries to change Brayden's every time he is on the floor.
* She is a girly girl and loves to wear dresses and skirts.
* She loves bubble baths
* She is still a very picky eater, but she will usually eat her dinner if she can have a treat after.
* She has a great memory and can remember the words to most of her books. I like to sit outside her door and listen to her "read" to her dolls and stuffed animals. So cute!
* She loves to sing, but when you try to sing with her she gets louder and louder....I don't know if it's because she is excited or because she just doesn't want to hear the other persons voice?
* She wants to do everything herself. She gets dressed herself (several times a day I might add). She buckles herself in her car seat. She wants to open the door herself and then close it. That scares me a little because I can just see those little fingers getting squished.
* She is a little OCD when it comes to closing doors. She just has to close a door if she sees that it's open.
* Apparently she has an aversion to clothes. Every time I put her down for a nap, I can pretty much count on her being completely naked when I come in to get her.
* I said I put her down for naps, but that doesn't necessarily mean she sleeps. She rarely takes naps anymore. If anyone has any advice on how to change that, I would love to hear it. She needs to sleep, she just won't.
* Last of all, she loves to take anything that is Brayden's and use it for her doll. It doesn't matter that her doll has it's own diapers, clothes, crib etc. Brayden's is just better!