Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 12

 Weber County Fair

 Silly Nana!
 Some of my favorite spaces from Parade of Homes
 Who wouldn't want a laundry room like this!
The pic is blurry, but this kitchen is beautiful, bright and open. Love the globe light!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wait...what week is this?

I honestly cannot remember what week these pictures are from. I'm pretty sure I missed at least one week, maybe two, so I'm just going to start where I left off and say it's week 11. 
We had our Knight family reunion at a little camp a few miles outside of Yellow Stone near Cody Wyoming.  Our trip was really short, only 1 day, but we had fun while we were there.  The drive was about 9 hours and a lot of it was through Yellow Stone.  We took a little break and watched Old Faithful go off.  Poor Brayden was so tired and not feeling well as you can see in his picture.
Brayden, Grandma, Sam and Addy
Addy and Sam

This is the meeting house (?) where we met to eat, play games, watch movies and a slide show of all of the things our family has done over the past year.  I think this is normally a boy scout camp.  This is the outside.

Each family had their own little cabin to stay in. This was ours. 

Inside. There were two sets of bunk beds and then two twin sized beds in this tiny little cabin.  It got sooooo cold at night!

 Addy is walking to the restroom in this picture.
The stalls made me laugh.  There almost isn't a point in having the sheet to cover the stall considering you could see right through it!

Great Grandma was so nice to let Addy ride around on her walker.  She is lucky she has such an awesome aunt that was willing to push her around in it!

Brayden was happy to just hang out with Grandma

We spent a few hours in Cody before heading home.  Addy played on a merry-go-round while the grandparents looked at a mural.  I haven't seen one of these in a long time!