Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's amazing how babies change from month to month! I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of Addy from birth to now.
1 day old

1 week old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months

Addy's First Birthday!

I can't believe a year has already passed! It seems like just yesterday that I had her! It has been such a joy to watch her grow into the little person that she is. Celebrating her first birthday was a little bitter-sweet. I'm sad that she is no longer a baby, but I look forward to the milestones ahead. We love her so much and we are grateful that she is a part of our family! So here are some pictures of the cutest little girl in the whole world on her birthday.

She LOVES blueberries, so of course she picked those off first!

I was surprised at how timid she was about digging into her cake considering that's what she wanted to do when she saw it sitting on the counter earlier. With some help from her daddy, she got the hang of it!

The spoon made it even more fun! When it was time to take the cake away and open presents, she was not happy!

She didn't like the sound of paper tearing, so unwrapping presents was a little scary for her, but she had lots of fun afterwards!

Monday, November 15, 2010

11 months

Addy's 11 month list.
1. Addy can stand by herself for several seconds....if she doesn't realize she's doing it. I think it freaks her out a little!
2. She took her first steps two days ago! She was grinning from ear to ear when we cheered for her.
3. She can turn light switches on and off.
4. She is a great hugger!
5. Pulling bows and headbands out of her hair used to be one of her favorite things to do. Today I noticed that after pulling her bow out of her hair, she tried to put it back in!
6. Addy insists on using her spoon herself! She is very independent!

7. Her favorite snack is cheerios.
8. If she hears someone laughing, she likes to join in.
9. She loves to cuddle with her platypus.

10. She likes to "talk" on her play phone. The other day she was holding her little phone up to her ear and attempting to say "hello", it sounded more like "ahho". So cute!
11. She recently cut her first top front tooth.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Addy is a little young for trick or treating, but I thought it would be fun to make her a costume any way. My mom got her these little butterfly/fairy wings a few months ago, so I just worked around those and made her a butterfly costume. A friend told me how to make the tutu. It was so easy and only cost me about $2. I found her cute little polka dot stockings at target and then I just made her antennas out of pipe cleaner, foam balls and glitter. Oh and of course I made her little shoes. I think it turned out pretty cute! My mom got some cute pictures of her standing all by herself in her little costume, so I will have to post those later.
We also celebrated my birthday on Saturday and Matt spoiled me as usual. That guy just goes crazy! I have to say that his most thoughtful and impressive gift was a whole quart of pistachio gelato from a place we went to all the way in Park City. Oh my goodness it was soooooo good! I should have taken a picture, but I ate it already...with the help of others of course. Ok! I ate most of it myself!

Friday, October 15, 2010

10 Months

This little girl is such a character! Read about what she's been up to this month and you will know what I mean!
- We took Addy to the pool a couple weeks ago and she still thinks it's great. She likes to lay on her back in the water, which I think is pretty brave! I didn't get a picture of her laying on her back, but I think these ones are cute!
- She has this funny little laugh that she's been doing lately when she's really excited. It's hard to describe, but it sounds kind of like a belly laugh, where you force all the air out of your lungs. She usually does it when she's around other kids. In Relief Society last Sunday, we were sitting by a little boy and Addy was doing her little laugh very loudly and I could see several sisters with shoulders shaking as they tried to hold in their laughter. Anyway, that laugh of hers cracks me up every time. It never gets old! I captured it in this little clip, but it's just a short burst. She usually goes on longer, but she tends to get distracted by the camera.

- It is never safe to leave a laundry basket full of folded clothes within Addy's reach. She will have all of those neatly folded clothes strewn across the floor in no time!
- She has recently discovered that she can squish her bananas in her hands and she quite enjoys doing it.
- If I'm laying on the floor, she likes to crawl up behind me and squeal. She thinks it's so funny to try to scare me.
- I'm pretty sure she is saying "hi" now. It doesn't sound exactly like "hi" it's more like "ha", but she says it every time she sees little kids at the store. She looooves little kids. She also says it when Matt comes home from work.
- Despite her inability to walk, Addy is already trying to climb onto things! The other day she used me as a stepping stool to climb onto the couch!
- She can drink out of a cup by herself...sort of. She dribbles and spills quite a bit, but she sure loves to try!

I love that crazy morning hair!

Friday, September 17, 2010

9 Months

Addy is 9 months old already! I can't believe it! I took her in for her 9 month check up last week and she is doing great! She currently weighs 18.5 lbs and she is 27 inches long. Addy is such a little character and she definitely keeps us laughing. Here's what she has been up to this month:
- She spends most of her time getting into things. Her favorites are: DVD's, laundry and paper.
- She has recently discovered that she can get a lot of attention with the faces she makes at people. This is the one that gets the most laughs.

- Addy LOVES bread! She loves it so much that she will say "mmmmm!!" with a sort of intense, almost growling voice. It's pretty funny.
- Addy absolutely loves to look at herself in the mirror or in pictures. She also loves to look at pictures of family members.
- For a while she would say "ba ba" if we waved goodbye to her, but for some reason she won't do it anymore. Somehow I think it may be because we want her to.
- She still thinks peek a boo is the greatest game ever!
- She can stand by herself for a few seconds.
- When she gets excited she does this funny little dance. Mom calls it the hula dance.
- She used to love to be held and bounced. Not any more...sniff, sniff. She is constantly moving and wants to be on the floor exploring. I know that's a good thing because she's learning, but I do miss the cuddling.
-Addy loves to give kisses.
-She loves to swing and is always very sad when we have to leave.

-She has always been facinated with flowers

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Business

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have taken over my aunts vinyl lettering business. I have a website, so if you need vinyl lettering, you can order there or you can call me. Also, I really need to update the look of my site, so if anyone knows anything about how to do that or where to look for some examples, please let me know!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny Faces

Addy is constantly making silly faces. She loves to get a laugh out of you!

SAME silly face!!!
I miss him so much! He would have had so much fun with her!