Saturday, November 28, 2009

One week left.....I hope

I have one week left and I couldn't be more ready to have this baby here! Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared, but I think I am more tired of waddling around with an achy back, swollen feet and serious heart burn. Sometimes I feel like I might breath fire it's so bad. I heard that if you eat pickles that's supposed to did sort of. I've also tried the tums. I'm looking pretty pathetic and huge in this picture. I thought about taking a different one, but this is the reality of it...I'm huge and uncomfortable and I think that's pretty much what you see on my face. Kiera was really hoping Addy would come on Thanksgiving. Didn't happen. Yesterday I got a pedicure in hopes that maybe they would hit one of those pressure points that puts you into labor. No contractions what so ever. My toes look pretty though. I can't say my feet look pretty. I look like I have elephantitis. I think my ankle might be a little more swollen than normal because a few weeks ago I was trying to hang some butterfly's from the ceiling and I fell off the chair, scraped my shin really bad and twisted my ankle. I pretty much sacrificed my leg for the baby. I know it was totally stupid. I think I was going through a little nesting phase. I just felt like I HAD to get that room finished. I should have waited for Matt I know. I'm much more cautious now and stick to keeping my feet on the ground. I'm really hoping she will be here before the 5th, but who am I kidding. She will probably come a week late!