Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Blessing

This post is just a bit late, but Addy was bless at the beginning of this month. We decided to wait until March because we were worried about RSV. Anyway, it went really well. She didn't make a peep during the blessing which I was grateful for. Matt did a nice job as well. She also handled all of the company that came over afterwords very well. She got passed from person to person and she was pretty content for the most part. I think she may prefer the little kids. Don't get me wrong, she is fine with adults for the most part, but she was perfectly happy to sit on cute little Maren's lap while Maren gently rubbed her head (she likes to have her head rubbed). Anyway, she did really good. Here are some pictures of her in her blessing dress! I don't have many pictures because unfortunately, we didn't have a new camera yet when she was blessed and the one we did have would only work for a couple of shots.
This a cute little picture of Maren rubbing Addy's head. he he

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Like I said in the previous blog, we didn't get many pictures before our camera broke, so I drew some pictures of our whale watching experience (these drawings are so good, there is no need for real pictures!). I forgot to mention that we also got gourmet snacks that consisted of celery sticks, carrots, olives, zucchini, tomatoes and potato chips! Ha ha, I was thinking we were going to have the chance to taste some Hawaiian food! Oh, and the "boat" wouldn't start up again after they turned it off to get the whales to come closer to us. They kept saying "oh, don't worry, this happens from time to time. We will have it started any time now. " It took them at least 30 minutes to get it started and it was clear from the look on their faces that they were pretty worried it wasn't going to start. Despite all of that, it was still an amazing experience! My mom emailed me some of the pictures she took of the trip, so I'm putting those up along with the few that we got with our camera. Keira actually a picture of the little boat we were in, so you can see how truly dinky it was! Oh, and my mom, Kiera, and Sam were kind enough to watch little Addy while we went on our little adventure.
Matt was very brave and jumped off this cliff with Sam!We got shave ice almost every day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Amazing Experience And No Pictures To Show For It!!

Matt and Addy and I spent the last week in Kauai with my family. Some friends of my mom had a time share there that they offered to let us use, so we took advantage of the opportunity. One of my favorite things we did there was go whale watching. I was feeling pretty excited about the idea of whale watching until I saw the boat we were going to be in! I thought it was going to be MUCH bigger that the dinky little inflatable speed boat thing that I saw out the window of our little rental van. I panicked because I am afraid of the ocean (sharks to be specific), and that boat looked like something a whale could just tip over! Anyway, I decided to face my fears and go on the trip. I am so glad I did! It was AMAZING!! First of all we saw two schools of dolphins! There were hundreds of them. I'm not exaggerating! They were so close to the boat that I could have reached out and touched them! Our captain happened to be a marine biologist and she said that for every dolphin you see on the surface, there are four more below. It was so exciting! We came prepared with our camera so we whipped it out to take some pictures and the dang thing was broken! It was so frustrating. The marine biologist kept saying "This never happens! You never see so many dolphins together at this time of day!" She may have been lying about that, but personally I believe her because she was hanging over the boat taking her own pictures and she seemed genuinely excited. Right after that we saw two whales breach off in the distance. I mean they came all the way out of the water and flipped! The marine biologist (Tina) said that they were males showing off for a female. So we start heading towards the whales and all of the sudden another school of dolphins come swimming by our boat! Off in the other direction we saw some whale spouts so we start heading in that direction. Apparently it was the perfect situation because there were about four whales trying to show off for the female and they were very focused on that so it was possible that they would come close to us. By law you are not allowed to come closer that 100 feet from a whale but if the whale comes close to you there is nothing you can do about it. So we get up there as close to the whales as we are allowed and they come closer. One went right under our boat. I didn't see that, Matt did. It's a good thing I didn't because I probably would have freaked out. The reason I didn't see it was because I was distracted by another whale like, I don't know 50 feet away or less coming out of the water! It was so amazing and I am so mad our camera broke! I have no pictures of Kauai! I am going to have to get some from my mom, and I will post more later!