Sunday, January 9, 2011

Girl with Opinions

I didn't post what Addy was doing at twelve months, so here is quick review of the month. She started saying "wow". She loves Christmas trees and whenever she saw one she would say "wow!". She did pretty good with leaving the Christmas tree alone, but there was one ornament she just couldn't resist. We went to Georgia for Christmas and she had lots of fun playing with her cousins, aunts and uncles, Nana and Papa. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures. I just never had my camera with me. Christmas was fun, but she did not like unwrapping presents. Tearing paper still scares her. She refused to walk for about two weeks, and then finally she started trying again. She's back to refusing to walk. I think the problem is that she doesn't like to fall down.
So here is the update for 13 months. Addy has always been an opinionated child. I think it's a good thing. She knows what she likes. The other day we went to target to get her some shoes. I held up two different styles of shoes and asked her to pick the one she liked. One had cute little flowers on it and the other had sparkly stripes. She immediately grabbed for the sparkly ones and said "wow!". Every time I put those shoes on her she says "wow" and points her toes so she can see them sparkle. It just makes me laugh. She takes after me in that respect, I like sparkles too. She also knows what kind of music she likes. She has recently started dancing to music. I play music a lot, but the only tunes she likes to dance to are the oldies! She likes books, but her favorite is "Alice the Fairy". It's on a shelf in her room and she makes a point to look at it every time we go in there. Her favorite fruit is blueberries. She likes all other fruits, but she will kind of whine for them if she sees them in the grocery store. She is finally starting to like milk, but it has to be warm or it has to have bananas in it.
Addy's newest words are "mo" (more)and "uh oh" (if that's even a word). She is also nodding yes. At the moment she's not really walking consistently, but maybe next month?

Addy's favorite ornament. My guess is because it's sparkly.

Looking distressed while opening a present.

Being silly with daddy.

Tickle fight with daddy