Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 5

 I decided to try a recipe from pinterest this week to give to the sisters I visit teach.  It was way too rich for me.  The bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie, then a reece's pb cup and then brownie.
 There are several splash pads around Utah and we tried out our first one with our play group friends last week.  Addy had a lot of fun. Brayden spent most of his time checking out the grass.
 Brayden is getting pretty good at putting little puffs into his mouth....sometimes he misses:)

 I tried out a no-sew roman shade tutorial  from pinterest at few months ago, but I have never really been very happy with the results or the fabric I chose, so I decided to make some new basic curtains from some cute fabric I found.
 Matt and I painted our kitchen cabinets back in February, but I didn't want to post pictures until the kitchen seemed complete.  Now that I have my curtains up and my chairs, I think it's good for now.  It took us about a month to get everything done.  The only time we had to work on it was after the kids went to bed and then everyone got sick and so I ended up doing most of the painting myself.  IT TOOK FOREVER! So here are the before and after pictures.

 I saw this cute idea on pinterest, so I copied.  I antiqued the door and I'm sort of wishing I didn't because now the door just looks dirty.  I may have to do it again.
 Some of the changes we made to the kitchen other than painting were:
* We added crown molding
* Added bead board on sides of cabinets as well as around the island/ bar.  Matt did a good job didn't he!
* Added hardware to doors and drawer pulls to drawers
 I attempted to make a shade cover using this tutorial.  This is my new favorite blog.  I love her style!

 Addy and Brayden gave Matt and Candy bar card for father's day.  Brayden isn't in the picture because he was sleeping.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 4

 Addy loves to put clothes and shoes on her stuffed animals.
 On this day, Addy asked me to curl her hair and paint her nails.  I had just made her a new skirt and she wanted to be pretty.  Oh and she is learning the color green, so that is why her fingernails are green.
 Most of you have probably heard of Pinterest.  Well, I'm sort of addicted.  When I first started pinning, I realized that I was wasting a lot of time pinning things I wasn't actually trying.  I decided that needed to change or I would have to stop spending time on pinterest.  Since then I have tried quite a few things.  I plan to put pictures of those projects up in some of my future posts as well as feedback on whether they worked or were just a waste of time.  In the picture above, Addy is wearing a skirt that I made from a little pattern I found on pinterest and she is sitting in a chair I built FROM SCRATCH.  I finished both projects last week.  The skirt was super easy and I plan to make lots more.  Addy loves skirts.  Here is the link for the tutorial

 This chair was actually not too hard.  Matt showed me how to use the tools and helped me assemble one of the chairs, but for the most part, I did it all on my own.  They are not perfect, but honestly, I kind of like the imperfections.  They give my chairs character. Here is the link
Brayden turned 7 months old on Sunday.  Isn't he the cutest!  He has pretty much perfected the army crawl and gets around pretty good.  He's going to be crawling in no time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weeks 2 and 3

Oops!  I'm already behind, but here are pictures for weeks 2 and 3.

 I forgot to take a picture of Brayden eating baby food for the first time, so I thought I would at least get a picture of him eating sweet potatoes for the first time.  As you can see, he really liked them!  He has also had peas, beans, butternut squash, peaches, pears and mango.  He is always eager to try more food.
 Visited Dad's grave for memorial day.  I sure miss him!  He would have loved playing with these two!
 She was supposed to be using the potty while I put groceries away.  You can't see it in this picture very well, but there is also blush all over the toilet seat and floor.
 Time with daddy after work.  They wouldn't really cooperate for this picture as you can see.

Kangaroo Zoo fun!  Addy was so excited this time around that we could hardly keep up with her.  She loves Kangaroo Zoo:)