Friday, February 11, 2011

Dancing Queen

Addy is now 14 months old and she has accomplished some big things this past month! About one week before she turned 14 months, she decided it was time to start walking. She has been able to since she was almost 12 months old, but she just wasn't confident enough to do it without holding on to someones finger. Then, one Sunday night when we were at my mom's she just started walking around all by herself and now she can't get enough opportunities to do it! Of course with walking comes more curiosity. She is into everything! I try to direct her to a cupboard or drawer that is OK to pull everything out of and it works pretty well....most of the time. She has also discovered toilet paper and loves to tear it up into little tiny pieces after she has blown her nose. Yes she really does blow her nose! I couldn't do that until I was practically a teenager! She has learned a couple more words like "up" and "eat", but her favorite form of communication is to nod her head yes when she sees something she likes or wants. Usually it's food and along with the nodding she says "num! num!" enthusiastically. I don't give her dessert very often, but for some reason, even if she has never had it, she knows it's good. For example, the other day I was watching this show on food network called "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". I don't let her watch tv very often either, but I like to watch a cooking show every once in a while. Anyway, there were several different dishes featured on the show and most of them were pastas or meat or something, but one was a 24 layer chocolate cake. Addy didn't pay attention to the show until that giant slice of chocolate cake came on the screen. Her eyes got really wide and she said "num!num!" and pretended to take a little nibble from the screen. She's never even had chocolate cake!
Addy loves her stuffed animals and her doll. Over the past month, I have noticed her patting their backs, kissing them and rocking them. It is such a sweet and cute thing to see. I can tell that one day when she has a little brother or sister, she will be a great little helper. We used to have to ask for kisses, but I have noticed her voluntarily giving them out more often. It's usually to her toys, but every once in a while Matt and I get one. She has a little book that she likes to look at and there is a little boy in it dressed like super man and she gives him kisses over and over again when we read it. He has dark hair like Matt, so maybe that is why?
My favorite thing that she has started doing recently is dancing. It is just about the funniest thing I have ever seen. She will dance to most music, even commercial music which happens to be what she is dancing to in this little clip.