Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 16

Addy LOVES her books

"This rock looks yummy" 


Playing with Daddy at a park in Logan

Week 15

Riding a little carousel at Park City Outlets

  • Braydens first ride!

Obstacle course at Peach Days

Addy loved this obstacle course and was so proud of the little "stamp" she got on her hand for doing it.

Brayden watching Addy go through the obstacle course. 

Addy got a chance to ride a real carousel at the Peach Days fair.  She loved it!

"Don't forget the seat belt!"

Week 14

Addy has been learning to make her bed all by herself.  She did pretty good!

Feeding ducks at the Layton Park

Brayden is checking out the ducks from the stroller

This is how I find Addy most days that she decides to take a nap

 Brayden pulls up on everything! He's so proud of himself

Week 13

Thanksgiving Point Wagon Ride

Saying "hi" to the horsey

Sitting on the cute wagon wheel bench at Thanksgiving Point

Playing at the tree house playground at the mall while waiting for aunt Kiera