Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching Up

It's time to catch up on everything again! First of all, Sam is home! He got back last Wednesday! He looks a little different and acts a little different, but mostly he's the same Sam I remember. He gave his homecoming talk on Sunday and he did a great job. We had a lot of family here to support him and it was so nice to see everyone. I feel blessed that we have such a supportive, close extended family! Interestingly enough, Matt and I had to speak in our ward on the same day as Sam's homecoming talk. Matt has been a mess for the past month, fretting over having to speak. This was his first time speaking in church EVER! He did a great job (I knew he would). He didn't even look or sound nervous. He said he thought he might puke before he had to get up, but you would never know it! I on the other hand, was obviously nervous and stumbled over my words quite a bit. Oh well, life goes on. There were a lot of people who were very impressed with Matt's talk and made a point to tell him. I thought that was great! So he lived and realized it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be! Matt said nobody would ever believe he gave a talk, so he took pictures of the proof!

My mom and Kiera insisted I take more pictures of my pregnant belly, so the first one is when I'm about 30 weeks along. It's just taken me a while to actually post it. The second one I took today. I'm 35 weeks at this point. Matt gave me a new camera for my birthday (early of course. He was so excited about it he couldn't wait until Saturday), so I thought I would experiment with the color a little. I look kind of off in this picture. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I attempted to use the little timer on the camera and didn't have much time to pose for the picture. This camera is awesome though! Oh and it's official, I have a big butt. Two different children in my class were kind enough to point that out to me recently. The first little girl told me my butt was big a month or two ago and I was depressed, but I got over it. She was so innocent about it. Just when I was starting to feel better, another little girl said "Your bumb is really big.....but I like your shirt and I like your hair, and I like your shoes". Also very innocent, but depressing. I am amazed at how facinated these kids are with my baby and being pregnant. I've had a few of them say things like "that hurts my baby" if they don't want to do something, or someone is playing too rough. Oh and they ask me some interesting questions like "Did your babies daddy put seeds in you?" and "How does your baby eat? Do you eat the food and then it pours into the babies mouth?" One little boy was very concerned that my baby would get cold if I drank water. I couldn't really figure out why until I thought about how they assumed the baby got food. He thought cold water was just going to pour on top of the baby. I had to laugh when one little girl said, "My mommy says I can't have a baby in my tummy EVER!" They all tell me that they love my baby and that they can't wait for her to come out! They are so funny and sweet sometimes.