Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 months

Brayden is three months old! Some of the things Brayden has been doing over the past month are:
* He discovered he has a tongue and he loves to stick it out.

* He is very vocal like his sister and loves to have "conversations" with anyone who is willing to talk
* He loves to suck on his hands
* He is a very smiley little boy and he is always entertained by the silly faces we make at him. He tries to laugh but it's still pretty much a silent laugh at this point.

* He thinks Addy is great and loves to get attention from her, even if it means letting her put a diaper on him.

* He really wants to sit up, and can sit up with the assistance of his boppy for a few seconds on his own. Maybe next month he will be able to do it by himself?


We took Addy to the aquarium about a month ago, and I am just barely finding the time to post some pictures! These two sweet little kiddies keep me pretty busy. We have been trying to make the most of our Saturdays and do something special. We had no idea everyone else would be doing the same thing! The line to get into the aquarium when all the way outside to the end of the building. I suggest going on a week day!
Addy loved the penguins and could have just looked at them all day. In this picture she is talking to the little boy about what she is seeing.
This frog was another popular item, but she was so distracted by how cool and fun it was that I couldn't get a decent picture! Oh well, that's a two year old for you!

We also saw a giant snake, a turtle, and some more fun fish! She loved it