Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This girl loves to eat!

We started Addy on solids a little over a month ago. I could tell she was ready because she would watch me longingly as I ate my dinner or whatever I was eating. We started with sweet potatoes and of course I forgot to take a picture. She loved them and gobbled that first bite down without any problem! I did get a picture of her eating spinach (which she also liked). She loves to eat (just like her mommy) and she eagerly grabs the spoon to help me get the food in her mouth faster. She's such a funny, sweet little girl!
She's eating rice cereal here.
I'm thinking she likes it! I don't think she will be a picky eater...hopefully.
I'm also posting some pictures from our trip to Georgia. Matt's brother Mike just graduated from Optometry school, so we were there for his graduation. I am terrible about remembering to bring my camera to events like this or even remembering to take a picture when I do have my camera, so we don't have many pictures. These are just a few pictures of Addy with her cute cousins. They were so sweet with her and excited to see her and play with her! We had such a nice time with everyone!

Here is Addy with cute little Easton. She really likes him (despite the serious look on her face). Whenever he came over to play with her, her face would just light up.

Mike, Malia, Matt, Addy, and Easton.

Here is Matt with Easton and Brennan. Brennan is about two months older than Addy.