Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weeks 9 and 10

We went places and did things on weeks 9 and 10, but did I remember to take pictures? No, no I did not.  Some things to remember about these weeks are:
- Mom got a teaching job and we are so excited for her
- Brayden turned 8 months old
- Brayden started pulling himself up on the couch, crib, toys, people etc.
- Used our fire pit for the first time...but that won't be happening again until it cools off around here, maybe in September.
- We heard fireworks nearly every night for the month of July.  I am as grateful to live in this Country as the next person, but really, do we have to set off firewords EVERY NIGHT?! Kids have to sleep!  Anyway, I'm a party pooper and I'm glad July is almost over!

Week 8

White chocolate mousse pie for the fourth of July

While Nana and Papa were here, we took the tracks for the first time.  Addy loved it and still talks about it!  Brayden had fun playing peek-a-boo over the seats with Addy, but I didn't get any pictures of that! 
 Addy and Nana above. Brayden and I below.

 Addy wearing her festive shirt for the 4th.
Addy helped Grandma make apricot jam. She did a great job of taking the pit out of each apricot.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weeks 6 and 7

 When we moved into our little house, one thing we knew we wanted to change was the bathroom.  It looked terrible!  We are finally getting around to fixing it up.  We don't have the budget to put in all new things, so we just decided to work with what we have.  There used to be a medicine cabinet thing above the toilet,  but it was falling apart and we were worried someone would get hurt, so we took it down.  I wish I would have taken pictures of it because it was just ridiculous.  There were holes in the shelves, nails sticking out, the top wasn't even attached and it was barely hanging on the wall. 
I found this little diy decorative shelf on pinterest, so Matt and I decided to give it a try.  It turned out pretty good and it actually wasn't very hard to make! Now I just need to find some cute things to put on the shelves.

I found another tutorial for framing a mirror. This was so easy I was able to do it by myself.  I think the mirror looks so much better now.  We also changed out the light fixture.

We got a new vanity top, but kept the vanity.  I added beadboard to the centers on the cupboard doors and the side of the vanity and then I painted it a light tan color. We still need to add hardware.
I added a new white curtain and painted the walls green to lighten up the room.  It's such a tiny bathroom that it needed a nice, fresh, light color.
I wanted to do something different for the towel rack, so I framed a scrap of beadboard and added four little knobs and hung it on the wall.  I'm hoping this will fix the towel over the shower curtain rod problem.

Addy loves her bear.  This is how I found her napping the other day.  Silly girl:)
Matt's parents came to visit for a few days.  On Saturday we went to the farmers market, Ikea and the Whole Foods store and then we met up with Matt at City Creek after work. This is a picture of the fountain in front of his work.  Addy loves fountains. I forgot to take pictures at the other places we went that day!
We walked through temple square on the way to the car.  Addy was trying so hard to keep her legs crossed for the picture. Brayden just relaxed in the stroller.

Papa was so good about playing with the kids.  One of their favorite things to do was play dump truck and washing machine.  Brayden thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!  He would scoot right up to Papa's face, wait for him to lift Addy high and say "pshhhhhh!!!" and then he would squeal and laugh.  There is only one other time that I have heard Brayden laugh that hard.  He was about five months old and I was holding him while helping Addy use the bathroom.  She passed gas pretty loudly and he just busted up laughing.  I remember thinking "wow, he's only five months old and he already has potty humor!"
Addy and Papa playing garbage truck.
Brayden giggling at Papa.
Brayden and Papa playing washing machine.  I wish you could hear his little giggle.  It was so funny!
Matt took me out to get my hair cut and then we got these pretty chocolates at a shop next door.