Friday, November 9, 2012

Dinosaur museum

 Addy was really excited to go to the Dinosaur museum until we got there....  The big dinosaurs with sharp teeth scared her a little.  This meant that I couldn't take many pictures because I had to hold her the whole time.
We were able to convince Addy to sit by this Dino for a little picture. When she looked at the dinosaurs claws she said, "he needs to cut his fingernails!"  Brayden loved the dinosaurs!
Addy fell out of her bed in the middle of the night and we still don't know what she hit her eye on, but she had a nasty little "owie" for a couple weeks. She was painting in this picture and she just can't resist painting her face any time she has a chance.
One of Addy's new favorite activities is to sort buttons.

I found a recipe for bouncy balls on pinterest.  It only bounced about a half inch off the ground...

and if it sat on the counter for more than a minute, this is what happened. 

I just thought it was funny that Brayden was sleeping like this!